The upcoming mid-March Monero (XMR) fork originated from the idea of resistance to the growing centralization both in the coin development decision making and in the cryptocurrency mining industry, where a CPU-equipped miner has no chance compared to a big ASIC-guy. Some other advantages of MoneroV, like finite supply of the yet to be born XMV, are mentioned in the MoneroV Roadmap on their project website.

I do not have a lifetime experience trading around a hard fork event and currently learning from own experience. Holders of XMR before the fork will automatically get XMV. That was a strong price growth driver for XMR in February. Now I look at the whole bunch of indicators to conclude that everyone who wanted to have XMV has bought what he or she planned to. Is the fork event fully priced in by the market? I am a seller here, will reconsider buying at the bottom of the parallel channel (and the 0.5fib).

Good day.