LONG [IOTA] "BUY & HODL" Microsoft Inbound Explained!

LONG [IOTA] "BUY & HODL" Microsoft Inbound Explained!

So, IOTA what to do with it and the current ongoing fuzz with Microsoft is it safe to BUY? 

First thing first, 
Recent Event, IOTA announced plans for another collaboration–this time, a partnership with the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC). The IOTA Foundation plans to work together with the ITIC to build a network of autonomous vehicle testbeds. 

Now, what's with Microsoft tho? 
Well there were several mistakes that happened. 
The major mistake that happened was under the Microsoft 1.73% side, not on the IOTA side. 
companies that are participating in the data marketplace, are nothing more than data marketplace participants. They never said they were partners. 
and the confusing quotes was made by Microsoft 1.73% employees that “we Microsoft 1.73% are happy to partner with the IOTA foundation.” What had been done is basically a journalist started picking this up, “IOTA Partners with Microsoft 1.73% on Data Marketplace”. So for one, obviously , some of the other data marketplace participants were displeased, right, because suddenly it was mostly about Microsoft 1.73% . 

IOTA Still a BUY Despite all of this Microsoft 1.73% thing was just a cruiser 

Hold your positions with CMP 

Set Targets to 
Target 1: 03585 (25%) 
Target 2: 04112 (43%) 
Target 3: 04742 (63%) 

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