Divergence occurs when an indicator trends in one direction and price trends in another direction. Specifically, an indicator will make lower highs while price makes higher peaks, or the indicator will make higher valleys even as price tumbles to new lows.
Divergence is a reliable trading signal, but it's not timely, meaning that price usually follows the direction of the indicator, but it make take months before it does.
Bullish divergence occurs when price makes a lower low but the indicator(RSI) forms higher lows. The two data streams diverge in direction. Price will eventually, usually, follow the indicator higher.
Price trend Downward forming lower valleys(LOWER-LOWS)
Indicator(RSI) trend Higher valleys(HIGHER-HIGH).
On the one hour time frame, as clearly shown the price is not following the trend of the oscilator. As it swings lower to gain a support level, price will likely move to a new high level of 0.00037975sats up to 0.00038802sats.
Technicals suggest that price is currently going to see a little bounce to the up side, to meet those levels.
SELL:0.00038880sats up to 0.00039sats
NOTE: stop loss should be moved higher or lower as price swings up and down.

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