IOTA (Swing trading until June 3er)

IOTA (Swing trading until June 3er)

Hi, in this case forget AT.

Qubic is going to be introduced by IF on June 3er (and Trinity app some days before). If you compare Iota ́s chart with other crypto, is running decoupled from BTC (in a better position over the 20/50 MM).

Buy now (it doesn ́t matter too much the intra-day price) and follow it during next days. Could happen two scenarios:

1. Qubic is introduced as an unfinished product. If the price before June 3er gets over bought with RSI on fire, sell almost a half of your Iota stake.

2 . Qubic is introduced as a real product with huge partnerships and 1 Tier company supporting it. Well, ride the price and enjoy, no price target in this case (remember that few days ago Iota reached 18$ on Huobi during a moment). Huge demand on Iota. Buy strong advise.

See you on June 4o!

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