HSR/BTC Is Showing Bear Signs 300% + ROI

HSR/BTC Is Showing Bear Signs 300% + ROI

 Hello, Co-vesting,

Okay so this is what you want to see when you are trading short on a coin. You are looking for a coin that is basically a dying animal to trade short on. Who ever will take the butt end of this deal is beyond me. But somebody added this coin on Huiobo.pro and it's a great opportunity to trade against. And make some money.

As you can see, this is one of the few coins that are paired with the BTC/USD and when goes up in value this coin barley goes one way or the other.

When trading short on coins that are more volitle it's more risky because both coins have allot of demand. Which is consistently rising and falling. If you have not noticed. Even when BTC is going down. This coin barely goes up if at all.

So IMO you should trade against that. You can just let it run for days and it will close out pretty low. 


Buy-in: 0.0003896

Target 1: 0.000732

Stop-loss: 0.000870



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