Ethereum price slowly moves down to regain its bullish signal.

Ethereum Snapshot in view

Age - 2yrs 6mos

Marketcap (current) - $87.8B

Price (USD) - $898.11

Price (BTC) - 0.0800฿

24hr Change (%)  -6.08%

24hr Trade Volume - $2.7B

ATH - $1,432

ATH Date - 2018-1-13

% down from ATH - 37.27%


1 week - 1%

1 month - 13%

3 months - 125%

1 year - 7,014%

2 years - 15,621

With an ATH of $1,432, ETH is guadually moving lower to a new strong support. The current move to $980 on the 18th of February 2018, was due to the bullish harmonic pattern which was created by two pivot highs and three different pivot lows. Harmonics can be identified once three points form and can be adjusted as price meets or breaks those levels. The fourth point can be deduced based on the harmonic value, The target for all harmonic pattern completions is most times usually 50%-61.8% zone from points A to D or, diagonal resistance from points A to C.

This eventually created a rising wedge with a target of around $725 buy target and a possible strong support down to $655. The Rising Wedge is a bearish pattern that begins wide at the bottom and contracts as prices move higher and the trading range narrows.

As price contracts towards the end of the wedge, gives it more signal for a bearish move to the down side.

Technicals suggest tht a bearish move is coming slowly and a buy target show be around $680 down to $600.

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