Quick overview

Market Cap:
$19,626,075 USD
1,858 BTC
25,001 ETH

Volume (24h):
$115,578 USD
10.94 BTC
147.23 ETH

Circulating Supply
17,500,000 COV

Alot of upcoming news around the conner for this hidden gem.

Dmitrij Pruglo CEO & Founder of  COVESTING and his team are working hard to unveil what is yet to be known in the crypto space.

As we move closer to the end of the Q1 2018, covesting team have kept their words and worked toward their road map, which bring us to the upcoming launch of the BETA VERSION OF THE PLATFORM TO BE RELEASE, As seen below the Q1 road map

KYC module integration - DONE

Liquidity aggregation with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges established - DONE

Exchange listing of COV Token - DONE

Beta version of the platform released  




Descending triangle is bearish pattern which most times breakout down, but price stages a breakout and that results in a swift upward move. Such a strong advance is unusual most happens when there is a news.

Percentage meeting price target for up/down breakouts: 84%, 54%

Most times price will throwback or pull back to either test the diagonal resistance which in turn will automatically turn to support and when it breakout down, price will likely pullback to touch and test the support horizontal line which will also turn to resistance.

With this lower time frame and not enough data on the chart, price of COVBTC can't be acurately be determined.

With two different supports at 0.00009988sats and lower at 0.00007586sats. 0.382fib retracement level current holding price down. All things sets in place as volume has greatly decreased

 TECHNIACLS suggests

If price breakout up possible price target should be at 0.00017016sats, price hitting this target is (85%), and if it breakout down possible targets should be between 0.00009161sats down to 0.00007998sats.


Disclaimer: The analyst won't be responsible for a loss of fund. Trader should be able to manage risk.






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