Still inside a large SYMMETRIC TRIANGLE.

On the 18th of march 2018, BTCUSD chart was showing some swing low inside a falling wedge and also targeting a support  at 6019usd (if the falling wedge was broken below). As shown below

As for the part of the falling wedge formation, this pattern give signal for a bull run coming in and a little end in the bear market. Was expecting a breakout on the up side of the wedge. As shown below :

price should move in the same direction like the arrow in the wedge.

price brokeout of the wedge, and now consolidation. we will LIKELY see a pull back or retest of the wedge which will turn it to a support.

If everything goes as stated, we will see price hitting $10+ .

Lastly, looking at the big symmetric triangle as price hits the second support level at $7386. We will likely see consolidation along 0.382fib retracement level and 0.238fib level as the triangle gets complete, before any bull run starts. Oscilator being fully oversold for gud 11days.




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