V tops are chart patterns that are easy to spot after they have completed. They appear just like their names suggest, V-shaped or inverted V-shaped price patterns on the chart.
Uptrend    Look for price to make a straight-line run upward with few or no pauses, often fitting inside a channel (two parallel trendlines).
Price at the top of the inverted V will form a one-day reversal, usually on heavy volume.
After the reversal, price pierces an up-sloping trendline drawn along the price lows, confirming the trend change.
Price trends down, usually at the mirror angle of the uptrend. If price climbed by 45 degrees, price will tumble following a 45 degree trend. The price trend tends to be a straight-line run with few or no pauses, often fitting inside a channel.
Before and after forming the inverted V, price has maintained a strong support and resistance level in which price is currently in.
Technicals suggests that a position will only be take when price breaksout of its current zone and closes out it.


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SELL: 0.00040566sats up to 0.00049125sats

STOP LOSS: 0.00034669

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