The Launch of Two Mainnets, a Testnet and Why They Have Hit the News

Tron Announces Testnet Launch

Request Network (REQ) has been deployed on the Ethereum main network allowing users to create, send and pay requests in Ethereum. 

Request Network provides a decentralized framework for financial solutions to be built upon, such as an online payment provider or invoicing method. They recently announced a partnership with PWC France and Francophone Africa and created a $30 million Request Fund in January.

To try it out, I created a request for 0.06 ETH which resulted in a fee of 0.000325 ($0.13) for using the Ethereum network and a 0.1% Request Network fee of 0.00006 ($0.02) which is then burned. The creation of the request was simple but knowing to pay the request requires external applications which are yet to be built.

Nebulas (NAS) launched their mainnet 1.0 (Eagle Nebula) on March 29 after only nine months of development. Nebulas presents itself as the Google of blockchain but is also trying to create an evolving blockchain that does not need to hard fork. Nebulas Founder, Hitters Xu, Founder of Antshares/Neo, presented the announcement in their new NAS Center in San Francisco. He was joined by Dolphin CEO Tiefeng Liu to talk about Nebulas' strategic partnership with Dolphin Browser.

Tron, a decentralized entertainment system, re-announced their testnet launch on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square, New York City. Founder Justin Sun, went live on Periscope at 10:00am (GMT+8) on March 31 to announce that Tron's testnet was officially live and discussed the technical feature of TRON TestNet and MainNet, which will be released on May 31st, 2018.