UNICEF Crypto-Mining to Raise Funds for Children

unicef blockchain crypto

The United Nations Children’s Fund has begun looking toward mining cryptocurrency as an additional means of raising funds to support children in need around the globe.

UNICEF Australia has launched a website called The Hope Page. By visiting The Hope Page and clicking the Start Donating button, users will be offering up their computer’s processing resources to mine for cryptocurrency that will be used to provide humanitarian relief and developmental assistance to mothers and children in developing countries.

The non-profit organization says that The Hope Page will "allow Australians to provide help and hope to vulnerable children by simply opening the page while they are online.”

The Hope Page uses an opt-in version of Coinhive that will utilize computer resources to mine for the privacy-focused and easily-mineable cryptocurrency Monero. Users will be able to open the website and leave it running in the background, allowing the computer’s resources to covertly solve complex mathematical equations to mine for Monero. Users are able to select between 20 and 80 percent of their computer’s processing power. 

For users concerned over what effect mining may have on their computer and power consumption, or if the mined funds do indeed make their way to children in need, UNICEF offered this statement:

“The longer you stay on the page and the more processor power you donate, the more algorithms get solved, which earns cryptocurrency. Mining is perfectly safe for your computer. If you’re ever worried about power consumption, turn down the amount of processing power you’re donating.”

“The cryptocurrency is automatically donated to UNICEF Australia and is turned into real funds that reach children through life-saving supplies like safe water, therapeutic food and vaccines. Turn the Hopepage into your homepage to give every day.”

All Monero mined via the initiative is immediately turned into fiat and donated to UNICEF to aid families and children across the globe. UNICEF provides those in deed with vital drinking water, food, and other supplies.