EOS Unveils Space Invaders Game Live on its Blockchain

EOS launches space invaders

On Tuesday, EOS released a version of the retro arcade game Space Invaders which runs on the EOS blockchain. It is an update to a demo version that only recorded high scores while obscuring user data.

EOS blocks are created every 500 milliseconds which allows the game to work. To do this, EOS uses delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) to confirm transactions. This means that while there are a lot of operational nodes, only the top ones get paid, providing an incentive for nodes to get into the top list. Nodes are ranked by how honest they are and their honesty is constantly voted upon by the rest of the network.

Previously, EOS introduced a space invaders scatter demo which had limited functions. The description on Github said: "Showcase of the ability to upload high scores to the EOS blockchain and the use of Identity names as usernames instead of EOS account names which provides continuity and a level of abstraction over a user's private data." However, there was no ability for users to play the game itself on the blockchain.

The biggest known use of blockchain technology to support gaming is Cryptokitties which was launched on Ethereum. In the game, users collect and breed cats which have unique genomes defining their looks. Yet, in December it slowed down transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. This led to discussions over how to scale the network and their main proposal, called Casper, was released on Wednesday.

EOS is running a global hackathon event with a prize of $1,500,000 to be awarded in December. Their website says: "Get involved and you will be joining hackers, product developers, marketers, and business leaders in creating a new wave of blockchain dApps that secure life, liberty, and property. From June through the end of 2018, Block.one will be hosting a series of initiatives designed to find and give a platform to the most visionary architects of decentralization out there."

The EOSIO Stack Exchange was also released on Tuesday in private beta mode. The Stack Exchange is a network for developers to share their knowledge and learn from others. Its aim is to grow the EOS community.