Wikimedia Partners with Request Network to Allow Cryptocurrency Donations

Wikimedia and Request Network

The Wikimedia Foundation announced a partnership with Request Network on Friday and its first step will be integrating cryptocurrency donations in a French pilot scheme.

The Wikimedia Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization which operates Wikipedia and other educational online resources. The pilot will run on the French chapter of the Foundation and will be the first out of the 37 chapters.

Request Network wrote: "The Wikimedia Foundation is one of the first organizations that will soon allow its donors to support projects with any digital currency. It is fundamental for Wikimedia to ensure that donor payments are as simple and secure as possible.

"Through a strategic partnership with the Request Network Foundation, the organization provides donors trust and transparency, while making sure donations can be made seamlessly."

One key benefit of blockchain technology is that all donations will be recorded on a public ledger, allowing the charity to achieve a higher level of transparency on their income. Some charities, such as Oxfam, have recently come under fire for betraying the trust of those who donated and supported them.

Request Network is a framework which allows companies or individuals to develop their own payment methods. They seek to support invoices, loans, payments, salary and donations in a way that meets legal requirements. Since the launch of their mainnet, over 200 requests have been completed.

On the same day, WooCommerce released their first decentralized payments plugin powered by Request Network which allows anyone using their shop platform to accept crypto payments. WooCommerce is an open source eCommerce platform for Wordpress. According to BuiltWith, 42% of eCommerce sites use their platform.