Why Universities Should Go Ahead with Cryptocurrency Courses

Stanford, University of California, MIT, NYU, IT University of Copenhagen are just a few examples of world-famous universities that are offering courses about cryptocurrencies. Education is exactly what the crypto world needs right now, so hopefully more universities will be joining this list in the near future.

Cryptocurrencies are facing challenging times: the rate is extremely volatile, while the prevailing sentiment towards this new, but promising technology is mistrust. This might be the turning point for cryptos: will more and more countries and financial institutions ban them and eventually consign them to oblivion or will the world try to take advantage of cryptos and find reasonable ways to implement them?

It is not that someone comes up with a potentially high idea every day, and valuable discoveries should not be wasted. So cryptocurrencies should not either. Emerged only back in 2009, it has already proven to be a means to effect quick and safe financial transactions, a real gem for a globalized world, a way to donate to charitable initiatives, and an asset to invest. The dark side of crypto is that it is hugely attractive to scammers and hugely volatile.

Universities could tip the scales in favor of the digital assets. Universities are the best ever platform for discussion: they are not governments that are focused on risks and stability, neither are they crazy geeks that totally ignore the pitfalls. Universities bring together individuals with diverse identities and beliefs, and this variety could be the recipe for finding the very best way to use crypto instead of simply banning it.

Many governments are simply at a loss when it comes to crypto opportunities, and academic research can push them into the right direction and provide them with an insight. Cooperation between governments and academics could prove valuable to both sides: it can work as an exchange of data for results.

Also, the spirit of youth should not be ignored. Universities are full of aspiring young people who want to change the world for the better, why not give them this chance? Now like never before, higher education is accessible to the widest range of students, including students from poor countries, and the ideas that are disseminated among the youth and the attitude towards innovations can literally change the world and raise living standards. Besides, the youth have the so-called “fresh look”: they are ready to take risks and jump at new opportunities, this is the best engine of changes.

So go ahead, profs. The more people learn about advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies, the quicker they will be adopted properly and bring benefit to the society everywhere.