New Windows and Mac Malware Targeting Crypto Users

One week after reports that cryptojacking - the practice in which cyber criminals gain control of unsuspecting user’s computer resources that are then utilized to mine for cryptocurrency - has overtaken malware as the leading cybercrime, two separate incidents of malware targeting cryptocurrency users have been reported.

Windows: Be Careful When You Copy and Paste Addresses

The first report, which affects Windows PC users, claims that newly discovered malware called CryptoCurrency Clipboard Hijackers is replacing correct crypto addresses with ones they control, in attempt to divert and steal funds. According to Lawrence Abrahams, founder of BleepingComputer, who published a report with their findings, claims that as many as 2.3 million cryptocurrency addresses are being monitored by the malware and are presently at risk.

BleepingComputer explained that users often cannot detect this type of malware because it “runs in the background with no indication that it is even running.” Abrahams warns:

“Therefore it is important to always have an updated antivirus solution installed to protect you from these types of threats. It is also very important that all cryptocurrency users to double-check any addresses that they are sending cryptocoins to before they actually send them."

Mac Attack: Beware When You Chat On Discord and Slack

Researchers from security firm DutchSec have discovered a type of MacOS malware that is targeting Slack and Discord users who are talking about cryptocurrencies. Both are social community platforms where users often group together to discuss cryptocurrencies. Now, those users, often there seeking advice, are at risk.

According to the report, attackers are impersonating the group’s administrators or other “key people,” then share “small snippets” that prompt the downloading of a malicious code, infecting users with the malware. The malware itself can steal user’s sensitive information, such as passwords crypto-related accounts.

Stay Safe: Update Antivirus and Stay Diligent

The most important thing to do is to keep your antivirus and system software - regardless if you are using Mac or Windows - updated at all times with the most recent version. Oftentimes these plug vulnerabilities hackers would otherwise exploit. In addition, one should always check and compare any cryptocurrency wallet addresses when copy and pasting, as this is among the most common ways thieves gain access to assets.