John McAfee Calling for Boycott of HitBTC


Eccentric millionaire and cyber security expert John McAfee never ceases to put on a good show. The famed crypto-promoter who got his start via McAfee Antivirus, in recent weeks has gone into hiding after battling with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, launched his own fiat currency, and has even announced his bid for the US presidency in 2020. Now, he is at it again, claiming that cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC, is responsible for killing people, and is asking the cryptocurrency community to boycott the exchange.

The attack against HitBTC seemingly came out of the blue, with McAfee tweeting:

“The crypto exchanges have become the thing that we have originally fought against. Their power is immense. Hitbtc, for example, has increased suffering for millions of poor people who cannot afford the minimum buy-in since it is greater than their monthly income.”

McAfee then told his 845,000 Twitter followers to “boycott them.”

According to the crypto community, McAfee’s tweets appear to be motivated by HitBTC’s withdrawal fees – something that is totally normal and expected in the space.

McAfee vowed to be the exchange’s “worst enemy.”

HitBTC issued a formal response to McAfee, thanking him for being the “voice of the crypto community,” adding that they share McAfee’s “values.”

HitBTC explained that they charge fees in order to pay the ETH required for sending transactions, and because not all customers hold ETH, they are forced to charge a fee to send any funds from their exchange. HitBTC invited McAfee to share an “algorithmic solution” to the issue “most of the exchanges face.”

Why McAfee is so upset with HitBTC over a standard operating procedure throughout the market is confusing. However, it appears to have something to do with McAfee promoting Docademic’s community-based health care system, powered by blockchain technology. McAfee has been known to accept payments - as much as $100,000 per tweet – for promoting cryptocurrencies and ICOs, however, the goals of Docademic seem to align with McAfee’s greater plan for his 2020 presidential run.

[Image Credit: Flickr]