First Cryptocurrency Mining Equipment Store Opens in Moscow

Crypto frenzy has reached Russia long before, but its first shop of cryptocurrency mining equipment manufactured by producers holding all required licenses opened only a few days ago. DeeCrypto will sell mining systems and other goods for those dealing with crypto markets supplied by Bitmain, GPU, KeepKey, Embedded Downloads LTD, Ledger and other official producers.

Denis Onatsik, Founder and CEO of DeeCrypto, said: “Our goal is to provide people with the possibility to purchase legal mining equipment without violating Russian laws. Many similar transactions are now conducted in the “shadow” zone, while the cryptocurrency market is developing, and the state is developing respective regulations. We are confident that people need legal and safe schemes.” Also, the store will regularly host meetings to discuss legal ways of earning for cryptocurrency traders and miners, as well as via ICOs.

Cryptocurrencies have enjoyed considerable popularity in Russia. The country’s mining conditions are appealing even for foreign companies, with over 40 of such companies from the European Union and China having already submitted applications for building cryptocurrency farms in the country.