eToro Conducts 'Who are the Crypto Investors' Survey

eToro, a social trading and multi asset brokerage company, decided to find out more on identities of crypto investors and launched a survey for this purpose. They looked at data from March 2017-February 2018 and analyzed profiles of cryptocurrency investors, including such aspects as the gender and their employment.

eToro analyzed the popularity of various cryptocurrencies across four age groups: 18-23 y.o., 24-35 y.o., 36-54 y.o., and 55+ y.o. Ripple, Bitcoin, and Ethereum (in the descending order) are the most popular cryptocurrencies among these age groups.

The majority of cryptocurrency investors do not have a considerable background in cryptocurrencies, while profs account for a very small amount of survey participants (but we should not be surprised, crypto itself is something new). Most of crypto investors hold jobs in real estate and sales/marketing, large groups of crypto investors are students or jobless people.

The gender balance is as follows: 91.5% are men, while only 8.5% of crypto investors are women. Females prefer to invest in Ripple, while males - in Ethereum Classic. Bitcoin is equally popular among both men and women.

For more results of the survey please click here.