Dow Jones Media Partners With Brave Browser to Test Basic Attention Token

brave browser dow jones

The digital ad space has been turned upside down by the duopoly that is Google and Facebook, forcing many publishers to reduce resources to offset financial losses, or close up shop altogether. The rise of ad-blocking technology has only exacerbated the issue. As such, publishers have been searching for new, disruptive ways to generate revenue from their audience. The solution, may be in the form of the Brave web browser. 

Led by Brendan Eich, the creator of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla – best known for their Firefox web browser – Brave is an ad-blocking, privacy-oriented browser with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform built in. Brave offers users a faster experience, blocking ads and various data trackers, and allows users to donate or make payments to their favorite publications via the Basic Attention Token (BAT). For publishers, it offers up a new revenue stream from users who may have already been taking measures to block revenue-driving advertisements.

Brave and BAT have caught the attention of Dow Jones Media Group, who have announced a partnership with Brave to begin testing BAT and its blockchain-based payment technology that is built directly into the Brave browser.

Through the Brave browser exclusively, users will be granted access on a first-come, first-serve basis to a wealth of premium content from Dow Jones Media Group’s publishing properties, such as and the MarketWatch newsletter.

Brave and Dow Jones Media Group will also experiment with blockchain-based advertising through the platform, and both Barrons and MarketWatch will become verified publishers on the Basic Attention Token platform that Brave has developed.

The news drove the price of BAT up by 25%, according to CoinMarketCap data. Those interested in using the Brave browser can download it here.

[Image Credit: Brave Software Facebook]