Crypto-miner Unveils World’s First Cryptotomatoes

Kamil Brejcha, a co-founder of Czech digital currency trading platform NakamotoX, shared results of his efforts on Twitter. He showed Twitter users bunches of tomatoes, which he called ‘cryptotomatoes’. The entrepreneur says he is using the excess heat produced by his mining equipment to grow these greenhouse vegetables: heat from mining rigs is blown into the greenhouses. 
This experiment is expected to contribute to Brejcha’s “agritechture blockchain start-up”, which he is going to launch soon. “In brief, we are an agritechture stealth start-up, creating an agriculture, energy and blockchain symbiotic solution,” said the entrepreneur.

Brejcha says that their mining operations are powered by 100% bio-waste produced energy, which means they have closed the energy cycle loop.
The entrepreneur added that he will soon start selling the tomatoes through local stores. 

If this trend continues, in addition to solving environmental issues, it may help mining companies offset growing costs and falling returns against the backdrop of the shrinking market.