Cold Storage Leader LEDGER Announces Desktop and Mobile Wallet Applications

ledger desktop mobile

Cold storage is the most secure way - next to paper wallets - to keep your precious cryptocurrencies safe and sound. Unfortunately, interacting with the Ledger S Nano or other Ledger wallets requires the use of a Ledger Manager Google Chrome App, which is at times uncomfortable to use with ease. With the rise of crypto-focused malware, interacting via a web browser also does not feel as secure as it could or should be. 

Good news, though, Ledger has announced that new Ledger Wallet desktop and mobile applications are coming in the near future. Best of all, the one app will work across all currencies currently supported by Ledger - 23 cryptocurrencies in total.

The native desktop application will run on Windows, macOS, and Linux machines, and provides a dashboard view of all assets, account balances, transaction history, the ability to send and receive, and more. The desktop app will work with both the Ledger S Nano and Ledger Blue devices.

In future updates, Ledger will release a mobile version of the desktop app for Android and iOS, support older Ledger devices such as the Ledger Nano and Ledger HW.1, ERC20 token management, third party apps, and support for over 100+ cryptocurrencies.

Ledger notes that the new applications will have a different set of USB drivers, which will render them incompatible with Chromebooks.

Before the official desktop and mobile apps are released, Ledger plans on getting rid of the Chrome extension Ledger Manager app, and move to a web-based solution that removes the need to install an extension. Ledger claims that the move to the web-based solution will improve the user experience greatly, offering new features, app updates, and an overview of installed currencies.

Ledger aims to release the web-based solution first in Q2 2018, followed by the desktop app also in Q2, and then finally the mobile version after that in Q3 2018.

The Ledger S Nano is currently out of stock due to increased demand in the crypto space, but Ledger is accepting preorders that are due to start shipping on February 26. This news is bound to increase demand of the devices.