Coinbase Acquires Paradex Exchange, Rebranding GDAX to Coinbase Pro

coinbase paradex

San Francisco-based Coinbase, one of the United States’ largest cryptocurrency exchanges and a major player in the crypto industry as a whole, has acquired the ERC20-focused, decentralized trading platform Paradex for an undisclosed sum, in a continued push to expand its crypto offerings.

Paradex, which has ten employees across New York, Chicago and San Francisco, is a startup trading platform built on the 0x protocol. Coinbase describes Paradex as “a sophisticated and secure relay platform that will allow our customers to trade hundreds of tokens directly from their wallets.”

The acquisition will allow Coinbase to expand the cryptocurrencies investors can trade beyond Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin to include ERC20 tokens – which Coinbase previously announced support for across a number of their products.

Unlike Coinbase, which keeps its customers tokens in their custody, Paradex being a decentralized exchange allows traders to buy and sell digital assets directly with one another, via their own Ethereum-based wallets.

Coinbase hopes to be able to bring Paradex to the United States, but must make some changes to adhere to compliance guidelines set by US regulators. Coinbase said in a statement:

“After making some product enhancements, we’ll initially offer this experience to customers outside the U.S., and eventually to U.S. customers after we implement changes.”

Paradex’s website has been updated with a message exclaiming “We’re joining Coinbase,” noting the app will go down temporarily on May 23 while the exchange begins being integrated with Coinbase.

In addition to the acquisition, Coinbase has announced that it’s rebranding its flagship exchange platform, GDAX, to become Coinbase Pro. The name change will occur at the end of June, and a redesign aimed at ease-of-use is expected at relaunch.

Coinbase Pro will also come with new features Coinbase says are “distinct to crypto” such as staking and protocol voting. In a press release, Coinbase says that they “expect there will be many more opportunities for customers to interact with digital assets in new and unique ways” in the future.

In recent weeks, Coinbase has been rapidly expanding in preparation for an influx of institutional investors, making a number of acquisitions and rolling out a suite of institution-focused products. The company is also seeking a Federal banking license.