Asus Debuts New Crypto Mining-Focused Motherboard

In the early days of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, miners would use standard multi-core CPUs to mine for cryptocurrency. As block difficulty increased, miners turned to GPUs to increase hashrates for better and faster results. Last year’s cryptocurrency bull market eventually lead to a shortage of GPUs, as enthusiasts new to crypto flocked to mine as much of their favorite coins as possible.

Computer component manufacturer Asus is banking on cryptocurrency mining’s popularity, and has announced a new motherboard that is specifically designed to accommodate cryptocurrency mining in a big way.

The H370 Mining Master, Asus’ follow up to their B250 Mining Expert, features 20 available GPU slots to create an extremely powerful crypto mining rig. Asus calls the H370 Mining Master a “blockchain behemoth” and is targeting a Q3 2018 launch window.

Asus plans to showcase the H370 Mining Master at Computex 2018 in Taiwan in the coming days.

The H370 Mining Master also features a built-in monitoring system to keep close tabs on all 20 of the GPUs seated in the motherboard. Asus explained:

"Less time maintaining your machine means more time mining with it, which is why the H370 Mining Master includes a suite of diagnostic features designed to make your platform easier to manage." 

Other GPU makers Nvidia and AMD also see the cryptocurrency space as a viable market, and have begun creating products specifically to cater to cryptocurrency miners. With these large computer component manufacturers entering the market and designing crypto-specific products, Bitmain will have some stiff competition in the coming months.

No price has been announced by Asus, but a price will likely be announced at Computex next week.