Adoption: Eat, Sleep, and Fly Using Crypto

crypto flights

Cryptocurrency has become more of an investment tool than an actual currency used for payments, however, as adoption picks up, crypto is becoming more widely used for its original intended purpose. 


Thanks to the leading online food delivery marketplace in Europe, over 31,000 restaurants have begun accepting Bitcoin Cash through’s online food delivery service. Germany’s biggest meal delivery provider, Liferando, has also started accepting Bitcoin cash at over 11,000 of the restaurants it supports.


Bithumb, one of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges has announced a partnership with Seoul-based With Innovation Corp, to enable the ability to pay for hotel accommodations in cryptocurrency. More than 50,000 hotels, motels, and other types of lodging operate under the brand. Through Bithumb, twelve different cryptocurrencies can be used to book accommodations, including: bitcoin, ethereum, ethereum classic, bitcoin cash, ripple, EOS, qtum, litecoin, zcash, dash, bitcoin gold, and monero. With Innovation Corp’s various apps boast an estimated 2 million monthly users, who will now have access to cryptocurrency payments as an option to pay for their lodging accommodations.


Taiwanese Airline Far Eastern Air Transport has announced that it will begin accepting cryptocurrency as payments for airline tickets. In addition to tickets, customers can pay with cryptocurrency for any of the relevant services offered by the airline. The airline states that thanks to offering cryptocurrency payments, their customers will be able to enjoy a more convenient experience and receive potential “discounts” for paying with crypto.


These are positive steps toward mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, but the process will need to be repeated in scale across increasingly larger entities. While it is important the “little guys” lead the pack as pioneers in the cryptocurrency payment space, it will take some bigger players before mainstream customers begin using cryptocurrency as naturally as they would use their debit cards or cash. However, with Coinbase offering new merchant services and PayPal executives eyeing cryptocurrencies as a faster payment solution, a future where cryptocurrency is used regularly may not be so far off.