Formula One Racing Team Using Blockchain for Competitive Data

formula one racing blockchain

Formula One racing team Williams Martini Racing has signed a multi-year partnership with Omnitude – a “middleware plug and play blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric.”

Williams Martini Racing is one of the biggest names in the motorsport, having won 16 FIA Formula One World Championships since its inception in 1977. The team relies heavily on technology to supply important data points about vehicle performance and road conditions to gain an edge over its competition, and has begun researching blockchain to get an additional advantage.

Williams Martini Racing will use Omnitude’s middleware enterprise technology based on blockchain to better understand how the technology can be implemented into the team’s racing operations and supply data more efficiently.

Omnitude’s smart integration layer “allows enterprises to adopt blockchain on a 'plug and play' basis, without needing to replace existing systems, helping to drive mass adoption of this technology, making it quicker, easier, and cheaper to integrate blockchain technology into businesses of all sizes.”

Deputy Team Principal of Williams Martini Racing Claire Williams spoke about the partnership via a press release:

“Williams prides itself on speed of innovation and engineering excellence. We welcome the opportunity to form a close partnership with Omnitude and provide the ideal environment to showcase radical new technologies that have the power to transform the capabilities of businesses around the world.”

CEO and Founder of Omnitude Chris Painter added:

“We are exceptionally pleased to have signed this deal with Williams, to look at how Omnitude’s expertise in blockchain technologies can be implemented across their organization. Working with Williams Martini Racing is a major validation of our product and vision and this partnership is a natural pairing of two of the UK’s most innovative and cutting edge organizations.”

In addition to Omnitude supplying blockchain-based middleware technology to Williams Martini Racing, the partnership includes Omnitude’s branding being prominently placed on the team’s drivers and personnel during upcoming races.

[Image Credit: Flickr]