Ex-Google Employees Form Blockchain Alliance

google alliance blockchain

Three former Google employees have joined forces to form a new community for other Google employees interested in blockchain technology called the xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA). The new community, will be an open environment to encourage “inquiry, dialogue, and development” around blockchain technology, and aims to bring together both currently employed and former “Googlers” to collaborate and bring new ideas to life.

GBA was founded by Hitters Xu, founder of NEO and Nebulas, Andy Tian, founder of GIFTO (the fastest selling ICO in Asia), and Daniel Wang, the founder of Loopring (a secure token exchange protocol). The alliance was created as a means to address the increasing demand for talent in the blockchain development space, and is comprised of project founders, team members, investors, and advisors who all at one point have held or hold positions at the most powerful search engine in the world, Google.

A press release issued by the GBA calls the blockchain space a “hotbed” that is “ripe for transformative ideas and breakthrough technologies.”

Hitters Xu explains the motivation behind forming this alliance:

"Googlers who are prominent influencers in 'classic internet' can play important role in blockchain space.”

Andy Tian, adds:

"Google has always been in the forefront of new technologies worldwide, from Android to AI.  As Googlers, we can bring our unique experiences to expand blockchain's influence, to everyone, everywhere.”

The community, which hopes to “incubate” a number of blockchain related projects led by ex-Googlers, is currently active in the San Francisco Bay Area, Beijing, and Shanghai – but the community welcomes all ex-Googlers from anywhere in the world to join and shape the future of blockchain technology. Plans for expansion are in the works.

Despite Google employees old and new showing support for blockchain, Google itself recently imposed a ban on all crypto-related advertisements on its Adwords platform, and has begun removing crypto-mining extensions from its Google Chrome browser.