Baidu Launches Blockchain-Based Stock Photo Platform

baidu blockchain

China’s equivalent to Google, search giant Baidu, has announced that they have launched an all-new blockchain-based stock photography platform. The platform, named Totem, will utilize blockchain technology to protect intellectual property rights across stock image photography.

Utilizing blockchain distributed ledger technology to catalog the timestamps, user date, and EXIF data of photographs uploaded to the platform, Totem can theoretically snuff out copyright infringement, or at least substantiate any allegations of potential infringement by backing up claims with immutable data.

Totem will rely heavily on Baidu’s existing artificial intelligence and internet data scraping abilities to compare and contrast images from around the web to seek out potential infringement. In addition, other stock image services will move onto the Totem platform, including Visual China Group, China’s local partner to the stock image powerhouse Getty Images.

Baidu has not clarified if Totem runs on a private blockchain or a public one, and this is not the first time Baidu has embraced blockchain technology in their business operations. Earlier in 2018, Baidu also launched a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform called Baidu Trust, which allows for conducting and tracing of digital transactions across digital currency, billing, auditing, and much more.

In February, Baidu launched a CryptoKitties-like game called Leci Gou that involves the trading and care of virtual puppies, with all transactions recorded on a blockchain. Baidu was also among the first supporters of Bitcoin, accepting it as a payment for its Jiasule service, which improves websites' performance, speed and security dating back as far as 2013.


[Image Credit: Wiki Commons]