Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster Talks Bitcoin with Business Insider

bitcoin cookie monster

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have gone mainstream, ever since Bitcoin made headlines throughout Q4 2017 as it first hit an all-time high of $10K, followed by doubling to $20K nearly a month later in December of last year. In addition to becoming a household name and seeing investments from retail investors everywhere hoping to strike it rich quick, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have also been all over mainstream media. 

Bitcoin first made an appearance on an episode of Big Bang Theory, where the cast scrambled to find some almost-forgotten bitcoin that had since increased in value substantially. Following that, Bitcoin has appeared on shows such as Ellen, House of Cards, Mr. Robot, and was even the answer to a question on Jeopardy in recent weeks. 

Most recently, cryptocurrency was featured prominently on Showtime’s Billions and HBO’s Silicon Valley, where the show’s fictional company launched their own ICO for PiedPiperCoin. Even cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps got in on the fun, listing PiedPiperCoin and its faux market cap value on the popular Delta app as an altcoin that could be tracking via a watch list.

However, thanks to Business Insider Australia, Bitcoin has been discussed by one of the most well-known television characters in the entire world, from one of the longest-running and most popular TV shows for children: Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

In the comedic interview aimed at promoting his new book “The Joy of Cookies”, Business Insider asks Cookie Monster about Bitcoin:

“Me know about Bitcookie. Me know that me have cookie and me do this. That me bit cookie,” Cookie Monster said.

Cookie Monster then turns the discussion to self-regulation, a tongue-in-cheek way to point out where cryptocurrency is as an industry, facing increasing pressure to self-regulate:

“Well, me can talk about self-regulation. Me, OK, me do have issues with controlling meself. Fruit, cookie, fruit, cookie. Ah. This tough decision. So me got strategies me use to help me to control meself. Well, what me like to um, to control meself, me sometimes like to take deep breath. And it calm youself down. So like, if me saw a cookie right there, and me wanted to eat said cookie, me would just kind of take a little step back, maybe distract meself, maybe look away. No see cookie. Maybe sing a song. And then, after while, me can eat said cookie. Like this. And if you can imagine crumbs flying and that how me do it.”

As one would expect when talking to a puppet, the interview does not serve to provide much insight into Bitcoin, or provide anything of value aside from the fact an incredibly iconic character is talking about the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Which in and of itself is a pretty big deal.