Pablo Escobar’s Brother Roberto Launching Diet Bitcoin

escobar diet bitcoin

The cryptocurrency world is full of bitcoin knockoffs, pseudo-celebrities launching their own coins, and other red flag waving scams, but this may be the most unusual new coin announcement yet. Roberto Escobar, brother to the infamous Colombian drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar, has launched his own cryptocurrency called Diet Bitcoin. 

Diet Bitcoin is a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, and offers promised benefits over traditional Bitcoin such as faster transactions. It is currently available at its official website -which has borrowed source code from - through an initial coin offering. 

One million Diet Bitcoin will be available through this ICO. Diet Bitcoin is being offered at a 96% discount right now, but the price will go to its normal early sale price of $50 for the first 300,000 coins. Once those are sold through, an additional 300,000 will go on sale at $100 per coin, with the remaining 400,000 being offered at $1,000 each.

Daniel Reitberg, Chief Operating Office of Escobar Inc. suggests that everyone “should listen to these news, go to and buy as many Diet Bitcoin’s as you can afford,” continuing that the “value will be very high.”

Escobar Inc. CEO Olof Gustafsson challenges Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, saying “Why would anyone on the planet buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency where there is no real team behind it. We at Escobar Inc. are committed to support the cryptocurrency Diet Bitcoin fully and are managing the day-to-day operations of this new currency.”

Before you go and invest your life savings, remember that Roberto Escobar served 11 years in prison for being an accountant for the Medellin cartel. If you are interested and want to learn more, Roberto Escobar has authored a book on the new Bitcoin fork, which is available on for $8, or free via an e-book download.

As if this news wasn’t bizarre enough, in the book Roberto claims that Satoshi Nakamoto was a front for the United States government who really created Bitcoin. Also in the book, Escobar calls other coins “worthless”, continuing:

“Keep the Ethereum, Keep the TRON, keep the Ripple, keep the Bitcoin. You will see what happens. They will all go to zero, almost zero. But not my coin. Because my coin, this is going to be my new work in life.”

If Diet Bitcoin is anything like the reduced calorie soda, it is bound to leave you unsatisfied and craving the real thing. Just buy Bitcoin.