Massive Public Bitcoin Monument Unveiled in Slovenia

bitcoin monument slovenia

A massive monument dedicated to Bitcoin has made its debut today in Kranj, Slovenia. “Roundabout Kranj” - a rotary connecting Kranj’s Oldhamska and Gregorčičeva streets - now features the iconic three ton Bitcoin symbol in its center, to represent a “connecting point” for the fourth-largest city in Slovenia’s “urban ecosystem.”

The circular metal monument, which has a diameter of about 7 meters, first unveiled Tuesday was designed by Selman Čorović and the KRARH Society and produced by Aleksander Frančeškin & Žerjal d.o.o. in partnership with the Kranj-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp and digital craftsmanship firm 3fs, who funded the development of the project. 

The location and circular roundabout were specifically chosen to signify how Bitcoin’s underlying technology connects people via blockchain. The public monument is a shrine of sorts to show Slovenia’s commitment to embracing emerging technologies. A press release elaborates on the goals behind the project:

“…Slovenia and the city of Kranj will create and send into the world a message that emphasizes its openness to digitization, its susceptibility to the use of new technologies and its hospitality towards progressive thinking, which aims not only at the optimization of everyday life, but also at interpersonal trust, transparency and cooperation. To local residents it will be a reminder of connectivity and of openness to new things — the foundations of a quality life in the future.”

The Bitcoin monument was unveiled this week during a ceremony put on by the mayor of Kranj, Boštjan Trilar, and has already made waves throughout Reddit and social media as users share photos of and their thoughts around its significance.

Slovenia is also home to a “BTC City” in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but bears zero relation to the well-known and oft-traded cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

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