Mainstream Adoption | Bitcoin Featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

ellen bitcoin

Bitcoin's going mainstream. 

Pop culture sensation, The Ellen DeGeneres show, plays host to celebrities every day and enjoys an audience of 3 million daily viewers. Host Ellen DeGeneres is known mostly for her comedy, but often introduces her audience to trending technology, or other world news subjects. This week, an episode aired that featured a profile on Bitcoin, explaining what it is, what you do with it, and how it may make you rich (or broke) depending on the value.

Ellen is no cryptocurrency enthusiast, and admitted to only having a basic understanding of Bitcoin. Which is why she featured the segment on Bitcoin - so she could learn about the cryptocurrency, and inform and entertain her audience at the same time.

Ellen comedically explained:

“Everybody is talking about Bitcoin, nobody understands it. It’s like a plot twist in a confusing movie. When you’re watching a movie and your friends are acting like they know what’s going on and you are like, ‘yeah, I do too’, and then you’re like what the hell is everyone talking about? I have no idea.”

Ellen then played a video on Bitcoin for her audience, admitting she did not know much about Bitcoin aside from that it is a "decentralized digital currency."

Ellen ended the segment by stating that by owning Bitcoin you will either "be a millionaire or be totally broke."

The significance here is that Ellen Degeneres has exposed Bitcoin to a mainstream audience of 3 million viewers. Even more significant, Ellen shared the segment on the show's official Twitter account, which has 76 million followers - that is over three and a half times more people than there are Bitcoin.

While the segment was definitely aimed at being educational while poking fun at the trend, it proves that Bitcoin has become a pop culture icon and is inching closer and closer to being understood and embraced by the masses.