NRG eSports to Partner with Enjin Coin

ejiin crypto coin

California-based eSports firm NRG eSports known for its competing roster of gamers in Overwatch, Rocket League, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and more, have announced that they are partnering with Enjin Coin to bring gaming cryptocurrency into the “hands, hearts and minds" of millions of gamers across the world.

The partnership is the first Enjin Coin has made with an eSports organization. The eSports market has seen a rapid rise in recent years and is expected to grow to $1.49 billion in revenue in 2020.

Enjin Coin CEO Maxim Blagov had this to say regarding the partnership:

“We have been exploring the eSports market for some time now and have been waiting for the perfect partner."

The incredible success and rapid growth of NRG eSports since its founding, coupled with their organizations meticulous focus on strategy and innovation that clearly represents the future of eSports made them the obvious choice.”

NRG will use the Enjin Coin platform to create custom, NRG-branded tokens and distribute them to fans as rewards. Gamers will be able to use said tokens on raffles, gaming hardware, trips, even signed memorabilia. 

eSports events can have millions of viewers, so the move will bring great awareness to cryptocurrency. 

NRG eSports was founded by the co-owners of the Sacramento Kings NBA team, Andy Miller and Mark Mastrov, and the advisory board includes key investors such as former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, actress Jennifer Lopez, and NBA hall of fame Shaquille O’Neal.