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Goldman Sachs’ CEO Explains Why He Hasn’t Closed the Door on Cryptocurrency Ventures
Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has a complicated relationship with cryptocurrency, frequently making contradictory statements about digital currencies.
Bithumb Hacked for $30 Million in Latest Crypto Exchange Theft
Around 35 billion Korean won ($31 million) was stolen from the sixth-largest crypto exchange Bithumb on Wednesday. Confusion remains over whether Bithumb
South Korean Officials Worried Cryptocurrency Regulation Will Legitimize Markets
South Korean authorities have admitted that the lack of cryptocurrency regulation is due to their fear of legitimizing the markets.
UK Crypto Market Opened Up as London Block Exchange Strikes Deal with UK Bank
London startup ClearBank has reached a deal with the London Block Exchange, a popular UK cryptocurrency exchange, according to Reuters.
One of the Largest Shopping Malls in Europe Launches Cryptocurrency Pilot
A new pilot being launched at a shopping mall in Slovenia will test the efficiency of cryptocurrency as a form of payment.
SEC Commissioner Discusses Classification of Cryptocurrencies
A commissioner for the Securities Exchange Commission gave her thoughts on the asset classification of cryptocurrencies and ICOs at a conference on May 2nd.
PayPal Looking to Utilize Crypto for Faster Payments
PayPal is looking at getting involved in cryptocurrency payments with a new method of enhancing the speed of transactions between buyers and sellers.
Bank of America Claims That Cryptocurrencies Could Be a Threat to Their Business
Cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that these emerging technologies could revolutionize the banking industry, and large banks are becoming concerned.
Bill Gates Says That Cryptocurrency Has Directly Caused Deaths
In a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Bill Gates shared his thoughts on cryptocurrencies. He also made some outrageous claims about the effects of cryptocurrencies.