Bithumb Hacked for $30 Million in Latest Crypto Exchange Theft

Around 35 billion Korean won ($31 million) was stolen from the sixth-largest crypto exchange Bithumb on Wednesday. Confusion remains over whether Bithumb will cover the lost funds as they deleted a tweet which appeared to confirm it.

You Can Play Pokemon on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Gotta catch them all.

Square Achieves All-Time High Market Cap After Receiving Bitlicense

Payment processing company Square reached an all-time high market cap after obtaining the Bitlicense from the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) to operate as a cryptocurrency platform.

Japan's Financial Services Agency to Issue Improvement Notices to 5 Exchanges

The financial watchdog wants to tighten anti-money laundering guidelines.

US Government Employees Mandated to Disclose Crypto Holdings

The guidelines may change in the future depending on how certain cryptos are classified.

South Korean Officials Worried Cryptocurrency Regulation Will Legitimize Markets

South Korean authorities have admitted that the lack of cryptocurrency regulation coming from the regulatory authorities is due to their fear of legitimizing the cryptocurrency markets.

Italian Government Seizes Bitcoin from Hacked Exchange Bitgrail

The Bitgrail hacking saga continues.

Two Russian Banks Testing Crypto Investment Fund

Investors will be able to purchase a share of the fund.

McAfee Refuses to Accept 'Absurd Overreach' by the SEC over ICO-Security Debate

Following the SEC announcement that Ether is not a security, founder of McAfee Antivirus, John McAfee, refused to accept the SEC view that all ICOs are securities. He argued on Twitter that it is going too far and will not stand.