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Crypto Intelligence Courses

Our courses related to Cryptocurrency, and trading are free for everyone. We also offer videos, and a glossary to teach you Crypto lingo!


Cryptocurrency Explained in 2 Minutes
This 2-minute video contains a brief history of cryptocurrencies and the explanation of the main principles behind this phenomenon.
Know Your Token: How To Tell the Difference Between Bitcoin and Other Cryptos
You will learn about the main types of cryptocurrencies and the differences between them in this video.
Yes, Bitcoin Is a Means of Payment
You will learn why it is more efficient to make payments with Bitcoin rather than with fiat money and how you can pay for goods and services using Bitcoin.
A Brief Guide to Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Wallets
You will learn what issues you should consider while choosing a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet.
Cryptocurrencies: To Ban or not to Ban
You will learn how governments respond to the introduction of cryptocurrencies and what legal frameworks exist.
How Blockchain Can Change the World
You will learn how blockchain may be used and why it is impossible to hack it.
How Cryptocurrency Trading Works
You will learn about the main ways to invest in cryptocurrencies in this video.
What Is an Initial Coin Offering
You will learn what is an ICO, how to assess them and what happens after an ICO.
Investment vs. Speculating: Main Differences You Should Know About
You will learn about different approaches to cryptocurrency trading and the distinction between investors and speculators in this video.
Crypto Technical Analysis for Beginners
You will learn how cryptocurrency traders use traditional technical analysis tools in this video.
Crypto Fundamental Analysis for Beginners
You will learn how cryptocurrency traders use traditional fundamental analysis tools in this video.
Golden Rules in Cryptocurrency Trading
You will learn how to approach crypto trading in the right way in this video.