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See You on Crypto Intelligence Portal
This is a brief introduction to Covesting’s amazing informational and educational initiative Crypto Intelligence Portal. Open a portal to superior cryptocurrency trading performance: learn what is a cryptocurrency, ICO, how to avoid the most common mistakes in cryptocurrency trading and much more to become a successful trader.
Basic Facts You Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies
You will learn the basics of cryptocurrencies in this episode and get answers to such questions as what is a cryptocurrency and blockchain, where you can keep you cryptos, and how Bitcoin is different from all other crypto coins.
What Does It Take to Create a Cryptocurrency?
You will learn about the main processes of crypto creation, such as proof of work, proof of stake, and minting, in this episode.
Why Cryptocurrencies are the Future
You will learn about breathtaking opportunities related to cryptocurrencies and find out why they are not a bubble.
Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading
In this episode, you will learn about the differences between FX and cryptocurrency markets and get to know the fundamental concepts of crypto trading, such as liquidity. We will also tell you about different types of crypto exchanges and security rules you should stick to while trading.
ICO: Is It Worth Taking Risks?
In this episode, you will learn about different stages of an initial coin offering (ICO) and the ways to distinguish a worthy ICO project from a scam.
How to Make the Most of Cryptocurrency Trading
You will learn about the main differences between day trading and long-term investing in this episode.
Technical Analysis: Is It a Magic Wand?
You will learn why traders use technical analysis, what technical analysis tools are, what kind of trading trends exist and become familiar with other key notions in this episode.
Cryptocurrency Trading: Reading Between the (Chart) Lines
You will learn about a large number of bullish and bearish patterns, which can help crypto traders take more effective decisions, and the most important indicators commonly used by traders in this episode.
Cryptocurrency Traders: Risk Averse and Risk Takers
You will learn about the difference between speculators and investors, their attitude to market volatility and their preferred strategies in this episode.
What You Should Know About Trade Positioning
You will learn what is a position sizing and what strategies traders use for determining how much of a position they should take in this episode.
Finding the Right Balance of Risk and Reward
You will learn about the risk/reward ratio, one of the most important trading concepts, the ways to calculate potential reward and decide if this investment is worth making.
Top 10 Common Mistakes in Trading
You will learn about the most common mistakes almost each trader makes in this episode. Do not miss out on the opportunity to learn from mistakes of others.
Steer Clear of FUD and FOMO and Other Useful Trading Tips
In this episode, we will give you some valuable tips of advice on how to avoid unreasonable steps, make well-grounded decisions and win.
Cryptocurrency Trading:Path to Success
Cryptocurrency trading is not a walk in the park, but if you feel determined, do not give up, you can reach success. We have some tips for you on how to do it.